Annica Englund flyttar hem till Sverige igen

Det var i slutet av 2019 som Annica Englund tog beslutet att flytta med sin pojkvän till Kanada. Hennes pojkvän är NHL spelare i laget Calgary Flames i Kanada och han har ett kontrakt på flera år som gjorde att han måste stanna kvar i landet och spela för laget.


Annica hade under en tid levt lycklig som singel och verkligen gjort det hon själv ville göra när hon ville göra det. Men när hon träffade sin pojkvän så föll hon rejält och tog sedan beslutet att följa med honom tillbaka till Kanada. Hon har varit där under större delen av tiden sedan hon flyttade dit och besökt Sverige under perioder.


Men nu känner hon att hon gjort saker för honom under lång tid och därför är det nu dags för Annica att ta sig själv i första hand och göra det som hon vill göra. Och resultatet blev att hon nu hyrt en lägenhet i Stockholm några månader och kommer att befinna sig i Sverige för egentid över sommaren. Hon saknar det vanliga svensson-livet och önskar att hennes pojkvän hade ett vanligt måndag till fredags jobb.


Utöver detta så berättar hon att under tiden hon bott i Kanada så har hon förlorat sin hemstad, musiken och nu även sociala medier. Företagen känner att det är för svårt att samarbeta med henne när det är sådan tidsskillnad men också att det är svårt att skicka henne det hon behöver för deras samarbeten.


Såhär skriver hon om beslutet:


”Just to be clear, im still with Elias. Its just that ive been spending time in the city he lives and where he plays hockey. Now its time to prioritize my needs.”


”Im gonna tell you something. For some people being together with a professional athlete might be a dream. Amazing trips, VIP, luxurious jewelries, nice cars, nice houses, expensive wine, food, restaurants, bags, clothes etc.

Thats what some people think life is like and yes it can be a part f it and some might love it. But i dont.


I had all that before i met my boyfriend. I had my own career an amazing life but in a city i loves and close to my friends. I travelled almost every month, spoiled myself with what ever i wanted to, even though i dont really care about stuff. Im not happier with a new bag, fancy shoes or polished nails.”


” But what you maybe dont know is that you only see your partner half of the time. And those days you might see each other they still have to practice or just rest. You cant travel with them whenever you want to, you cant explore or be spontaneous. You never know what city you gonna end up in or when. You cant go out for a fun drunk night because someone might see you and that doesnt look professional.


You have to adapt a lot of your lifestyle after your partner while hes home so its hard to get your own routines. And even though some other wives/girlfriend are in the same boat it doesnt mean that you all get along.


And when you finally have the summer ”off” well the guys are still on a schedule so they stay in shape till next season. And depending on how it goes in the playoff för example you can have 4 or just 2 months off. And being away from friends and family for so long and then only get 2 months together that sucks. And often the guys want to rest that summer after a hard season. Well that means that you might not do that much that summer.”


”Yes, you can go home, yes friends and family can come visit. But its a huge difference living in the US or Canada compared to living in Sweden. Its not a weekend thing you do because its a 14 hour flight and 8 hour time difference.


So to wrap this up. For me this has not been easy, its tough. This is not the lifestyle i wanted. I would be so happy if Elias had a more ”normal” job, worked Monday-Friday where we could have dinner together every night and the weekends to be spontaneous. We could lived in a tiny apartment, with limited amount of moneyin a fun city and i would still be happy.


Dont get me wrong. I couldnt be more happier for him living his dream to play in the NHL. But for me its tough because i miss home, i miss my friends and the lifestyle that i had.


Some people just grov into this. Some maybe didnt have their own life and carrer before the partner become a professional athlete. And because i had to give up so much to spend my life together with a person i truly love.”


”So go from being overbooked with work, invited to events every week, gala, red carpet, being face out for big brands, hang out with your friends, travel to see the world to spend most of your time at home doing….nothing.


I had a lot of work before but it was hard for some companies to work with me because of the time difference and sending the things i needed. And that is a big loss for me. First my city, then the music and now the social media.


And for me its important to feel like i can have a life even without Elias. I can always rely on him but i dont wanna feel that i have to. Because i need to feel independent because that makes me feel safe.

I love him more than anything and i would obviously do anything for him. But i just need to do more things for myself now because if im not happy i cant make anyone else happy. So with that said. I dont think its easy, and i envy couple who go to bed together and wake up together every single day.”


”I love Elias! Thats the easy part. I mean how can you not? And i support everything he does but his job is not easy, not for me. So thats my super long explanation why i decided that i want to rent a apartment in Stockholm so i can ”live my old life” for the summer and do things that makes me happy

And then Elias just have to adapt to me”


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Jag förstår henne helt! Tycker det är helt rätt gjort av henne. Hon hade ett så fullbokat liv innan och att bara ge upp allt måste varit riktigt tufft.